Artisans Lane
Heavenly Treasures has partnered with a project from Turkey called Artisans Lane for several years. We have been able to support their organization through the sale of hand crocheted cards and handicrafts. The cards have the most intricate crocheted pieces, you wonder how they can see something so small!

Here is an excerpt from their website...

Loop, pull, weave.  

Each knot in this hand-crocheted snowflake tells a story.  
A heatless winter, 
unpaid school fees, food scrounged from the streets.  Yet the pattern reveals something else as well -- men and women creating beautiful handmade art as a means of breaking the cycle of poverty. One knot for bread at the table, another for a community of artisans, and another for the dignity of selling one's craftsmanship. 

At Artisans Lane they partner on the ground with their artisans to produce and sell the finest fair-trade products from our corner of the world.  It's a marriage of compassionate, culturally-sensitive help with brilliantly-skilled artisans.  

Handmade art, partnership, economic sustainability.  That's Artisans Lane.