Weft & Warp

This women's group is based a few hours outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Go to the end of the earth and turn right, they are there.  These women are a part of a self help group, who have received loans from the World Vision Micro Finance Institution.  They use their families to process silk from the very beginning all the way to the product - scarves in this case.  They take the silk threads and spin them together into thicker strands and then dye them through a long process that usually the older boys will do. 

These ladies will weave these beautiful 100% silk scarves in just a short time, but the process takes at least a week.  This project's participants are very severely impoverished and live day to day, hand to mouth.  With dirt floors, holes in the slatted wooden walls, no electricity or running water, these ladies really have an untapped talent and amazingly enough they proclaim Christ as their Lord and Savior!