Dorcas Design

D - Dorcas Designs provides
O - Opportunities
R - Regain Confidence
C - Change Lifestyle
A - Access to return to society
S - Strengthen Skill Development

Dorcas Design is a non-profit organization developed by a group of skilled, disabled women in China, who have overcome stigma and poverty.  All profit will be used to help reach more women in need.
Their mission is to assist physically and economically disabled women, including orphans and widows and their families to have equal development and work opportunities to enable them to participate more fully in society.

Their Activities: 
   Learn income generating skills.
   Design and sew marketable items.
   Participate in group activities that enhance growth and personal development.
   Individual Counseling for special needs.

Their Goals:
   Develop a self sustaining micro enterprise.
   Enable women to regain self esteem and confidence.

Your purchase of Dorcas Design products will help the physically disabled to earn a livelihood for their families through their sewing and quilting skills.  Some of the products they make are beautiful brocade quilts, neck pillows, aprons, totes, diaper bags, pouches and bible bags.

Meet Lilly...

fang fangLilly is an orphan who became physically disabled at a young age.  After her mother died during childbirth, raising a daughter was too much for her father to handle.  In desperation, he tried to kill her by immersing her in boiling water. When she didn't die, he took her to the steps of a mental institution and she was taken in by the caretaker of the hospital.  She was raised there and lived a very hard life. She was disfigured and only capable of crawling on all fours. When she was discovered by a local missionary at age 13, they helped her receive surgeries to repair her burned and deformed legs. She was then able to stand upright for the first time in her life. At 17, she was taken in by Dorcas Design as a quilt maker and now has a thriving life.  She got married to a wonderful man who loves her so much and doesn't care about her physical disabilities, and they just had their first baby. (see their pic above!)

Meet Mary...
guilanMary is 49 years old. A rice farmer's wife, with 2 children, ages 21 and 22, she has lived away from her family for the past 5 years in a leprosy village. She only had 5 years of elementary school education and grew up in a poor family. Leprosy (Hansens Disease) affected her father and eventually he was cured but this was how she contracted it. Her case was much worse than her father's. Symptoms included a bleeding nose and pain in her hands and feet. Eventually her nose collapsed and she had problems with her feet. There is great stigma at home, and she became bitter on the inside even though it didn't show on the outside. People stopped talking to her and would turn away.

She came to Dorcas Design through Mr. Dong. He visited the leprosy village and invited her over a year ago but she had been caring for an old lady there. The woman died last year  and was not a relative of Mary but she was faithful in caring for her and came in March 2011 to Dorcas Design.

Please pray for Mary and Lilly at Dorcas Design!

Pastor John Hansen of Centerpointe Church in Murrieta, CA went to visit the ladies of Dorcas Design in 2011. Here's what he said:
"I had the opportunity to visit Dorcas design. I was so blessed to see that 'Heavenly Treasures' ministry partner site. For years we have had their items for sale at our church... and it was such a blessing to meet the girls who do the work! I went to each girl and woman there and spoke with each of them (in Mandarin) and profusely thanked them for their good work, for the beauty of their craftsmanship... I told them how much our people back home in the states look forward to seeing and buying what they make, and I thanked each one for their excellent work on behalf of all of our friends back in the states. It was a joy to see first-hand how they are being given dignity, training, safety, shelter, and care.  Seeing it firsthand made me even more glad to be partnering with Heavenly Treasures."