Jacaranda Creations

The Jacaranda tree is a picture of faith. Before the rains begin to fall, which brings life and nourishment to a parched land, the Jacaranda tree blooms. The deep purple and pure white flowers give hope that the rains will indeed come. Faith that the rains will surely come; and with the rains new life.

Jacaranda Creations began “from a desperate need to help ladies in the slum who had no way to provide for their families.” The women were making homemade beer or were turning to prostitution for income. They have been taught how to sew and now make beautiful handbags, accessories, aprons and even dolls! All Jacaranda products are handmade using local materials by women in the local slum communities in Nairobi, Kenya. While being trained in sewing skills, the women also form relationships that feeds their spiritual and physical needs. Jacaranda "provides incoming producing products which lift impoverished women and families out of desperation. [They] build strong minds and recognize the beauty and dignity of women."

Heavenly Treasures has been working with Jacaranda since 2010. We have been able to visit the ministry on the ground in Kenya, working with them on business and product development. Over the past two years, one of Jacaranda's totes were sold to World Vision and featured in their Maximum Impact Gift with donation catalog.