Kipkaren Krafters

Since 2000, we have built dear friendships with the ladies of the Kipkaren Krafters! These women are seamstresses and have a small workshop/store on the Kipkaren River. This group has gone from lives of drug and alcohol addiction, no jobs, and unable to feed their families to completely transforming their families and community. Through finding and using their gifts and abilities, they have gone from desperation and hopelessness to hope and women of leadership. They make drawstring bags that are given away with accessory and household item purchases at Heavenly Treasures. Recently, their bag sales have increased greatly through Heavenly Treasures' partnership with World Vision.

Their micro enterprise has been so impactful, they have not only changed the lives of their families but they have also been able to save money to purchase land for their new workshop!! This is so exciting!

The women feel that Kathy Gaulton's obedience to God by starting Heavenly Treasures has allowed them to feed their families, support their communities and given them hope, as many of them had no hope for life.