Gonga Waya

"We would have died beggars, but God gave us a talent."

Gonga Waya means "hit a wire" and "make something" in Swahili. Through a God given idea, Abel, leader and founder of Gonga Waya, made a frame with aluminum wire and started a small business. Since then, he has trained over 40 people how to do this handicraft and is working to improve his community. Gonga Waya hand crafts beautiful frames, utensil sets and more using mostly recycled products.

Abel has designed a way to hit the wire so it becomes flat and easily ready to shape. He made a template for creating the frames using wood and nails. They wrap the aluminum wire around these templates, bead them, and in a matter of minutes, they are able to make beautiful frames!

hen you walk through the markets of Kenya, you will see Abel's design everywhere - evidence of his creativity and vision. He has been able to train over 40 people so they can have their own businesses and provide for their families. Gonga Waya has now expanded into making keychains, trays, spoon sets, salt and pepper shakers and more! Abel has a heart for his community and wants to see change happen.

 The Heav
enly Treasures team has been able to visit with Gonga Waya annually. We ha
ve shared times of prayer and fellowship with them. We have talked with them, sharing stories of life, love, struggle, triumph and God's redeeming love. Please pray for this amazing family and amazing business so that they would be change agents in their community and families!