Sisal Sisters

The Sisal Sisters are a group of women in Kakuyuni, Kenya who make handbags out of sisal and wool. This handicraft is indigenous to their village, originally used for carrying vegetables, coffee and even as a muzzle for a donkey. 

Each bag is beautiful and unique to the individual weaving technique and expertise of the woman who makes it. They are quality made, made with sisal colored with USA quality dyes. You can use the bags for a handbag, a beach tote, grocery bag, plant holder or anything you can think of.

These women are dedicated to meeting each week for Bible Study. They encourage each other, pray and help those that are still learning! Many of the women are thankful they have an income o­n which they can tithe. They are currently planting trees in their community, as this is an o­ngoing critical need. Even in their poverty and struggles, they are able to support many of the orphans within their community. Some are helping up to 50 children! Many women care for6-10 children. These women have great hearts that are open to helping others and honoring God! 

The bags are made from the sisal plant. Leaves are taken from the plant where the fibers within the leaves are striped out and rolled it on a leg to make a rope. After allowing the rope to dry, it is dyed. Then the bag is woven; starting from the middle and weaving it around, over and under to make the pattern. It can take up to one month to make a large bag!

Please pray for these women as they are supporting over 200 children through their sisal weaving. They are an amazing group of women who want to see their families fed - physically and spiritually.