HT Kenya Educational Fund

Throughout Kenya there are talented artists working together to create amazing handcrafted items. Through the sale of their products, the HT Kenya Educational Fund is able support thousands of artisans, able send hundreds of kids to secondary school and young adults to vocational trainings.

In 2002, the ministry of Heavenly Treasures Kenya (HTK) began and 14 projects were created and supported as a result. HTK was later founded as a registered non-governmental organization (NGO) in 2007. Today, the NGO is included as one of the organizations in the Fair Trade Association in Kenya.

Heavenly Treasures Kenya currently has over 50 projects which supports around 500 artisans. Since each artisan supports an average of 10 family members, the ministry of HTK is touching over 5,000 lives.

The values that propel HTK include caring for the spiritual, personal and business needs of each artisan. This is shown through the visits to the artisans in the marketplaces, in their workshops and their homes.

Director of HTK, Kigen Teimuge, states, “It is through showing God’s love by simply taking care of artisan and their families when they are sick as well as when they are doing well. Checking in with them includes: caring for their spiritual development by giving them devotions and biblical topics to discuss, praying for them and identifying their spiritual, personal and business needs and goals.”

The philosophy of Heavenly Treasures rings true for artisans in Kenya. Their lives have changed not just by the making of their handicrafts or the sale of them, but by the life journey they have been on and continue to go forward in.

The focus of HTK is to support the micro enterprise network in Kenya, ministry to the poorest of the poor and equipping individuals to become self sustaining. Heavenly Treasures is a mission society and works together with others to bring the love of God to the people we serve through a practical means.