Kybeleca Designs

Kybeleca Designs from Nairobi Kenya is a group of refugee women from the Rwanda, Burundi and the Congo. Tausi (bottom left) and Irene (top right) are two seamstresses who specialize in african designs, table mats, aprons, gloves, tissue holders, bags and much more! They sew out of Tausi's home in Nairobi. With two sewing machines, they make fabulous items!

Tausi's husband is tentmaker - a pastor at their church, but since he is not paid, he makes a living teaching french and tutoring. Tausi is able to help provide for her family by her small sewing business. Refugees in Kenya have few rights, so it's vital for her to have this small business where she can earn a living and provide for her six children. 

Tausi is trendy and it shows in her designs. When meeting with Christina, she brought several new designs. Christina was able to work with her and encourage her product development. The women of Kyebeleca Designs love God and have a desire to see people and their community come to Christ. Please pray for Tausi and Irene as they seek God and work hard to find a better life for themselves.