Maasai Beaders

This summer we met with the Osotua Maasai women.  Our time with them was a blessing as we could see the desire and the hope that an economic project could bring.  Jeremiah, a Daystar graduate in community development joined us and will be working together with the women and Heavenly Treasures to bring hope to a very poor community of believers.

It was a blessing to be able to see the women select leaders, to go through the thinking process of simple development steps.  Our HT team was able to love and acquaint themselves with this group of women.. our common language was that of Jesus Christ.  It is amazing to see two worlds come together and have an instant bond of friendship based o­n our sisterhood in Jesus!


Kathy met Peter and Tammy while they were CMF missionaries in Kenya and Tanzania ministering to the Maasai.  They had developed a bead project that included Maasai women living in Torosei, Kenya.  The beginnings of a much needed income producing project was sadly left  behind as the Russells needed to return to the USA.  Now that Peter has been able to reconnect with the Maasai he has seen the poverty that has overtaken the villages.  The need is great.  These Maasai women make beautiful christmas ornaments, wire decor and other handicrafts but are not near any tourists routes to be able to sell their products. 

Funding to seed this project came from a friend in America who heard the story of these women and wanted to invest in their lives.  Praise the Lord for moving in hearts!! You can invest in these women by purchasing a gift or simply giving a donation!!

Wild Hope was born in 2004 when a group of close friends encouraged Peter and Tammy Russell to follow their hearts back to Africa.  Coming alongside them to form a board, this cadre of like-minded partners cheered them on as they started a brand new organization that would facilitate the dream of seeing Africans empowered to face challenges that have kept their continent bound for centuries.  2005 saw the Russell family moving Wild Hope’s base of operations to Arusha, Tanzania.  Through developing relationships they soon found themselves involved in multiple initiatives bringing hope in a myriad of ways to local people.  Joined in 2007 by the Borden family, Wild Hope’s impact in East Africa has continued on a path of rapid growth.  Drawing on many preceding years in Africa, the Wild Hope team brings together biblical spiritual nurture and physical/economic development to form a complete approach to transformation.

Every product represents a changed life!!