Malee Handicrafts

A woman named Malee started her sewing business in her home with a micro loan from World Vision. Through her amazing mind and talented skills in sewing she has been building up her business and community at the same time.  They take scrap pieces of materials as well as newer pieces and quilt them together to make incredibly fashionable clothes, hats, bags, shirts, slippers, and more! We were thrilled to see the creative gifts and abilities of these rural villagers!

Through the growth of this project, Malee has been able to employ over 38 people in her village. Over the past 8 years this group has grown in their abilities and business practices.  With the creative guidance of Malee and her leadership, we believe this group will come to see great success. They are truly gifted by God and we pray He will grow the people of Malee Handicrafts and expand their eyes and heart to what He has to offer them.

Malee's patch color cotton hippy bag was purchased wholesale by World Vision USA for their Christmas catalog and sold so many bags, they couldn't make them fast enough! Malee's items have also been sold to the world famous San Diego Zoo! Her creativity and designs are so amazing and we can't seem to keep some of her products in stock because they sell so quickly! The good news is, we are able to order more from her on a consistent basis so she and more lives can be changed!