Plant Thailand

Plant Thailand

Mr. Winn's Story...
Mr. Winn is a creative and talented man we originally met in the night market. Through partnering with heavenly treasures, Mr. Winn has a changed life! He has been able to employ over 40 people in two villages in the hilltribes! (see his pic above) He started selling in the night markets by himself and he also invented the 7 way and 3 way necklaces.  Now, his whole family are involved as well as he was able to train over 40 people in two villages how to make handicrafts, including the elderly who can sit and tie knots for the fashion accessories!!

In addition to Mr. Winn, Heavenly Treasures helps approximately 100 artisan families find self sufficiency and hope.

We are able to purchase products from a variety of artisans in Thailand. The Thai people are so talented in design, and their creativity comes out in the form of unique and some one of a kind handbags and accessories. (Christina pictured on the right with another artisan named "sweet gypsy").

Heavenly Treasures is also able to support Mission Thailand of the Free Methodist Church on a monthly basis including the church planting ministry of Art and Pat Chutong in Rayong, Thailand - three hours south of Bangkok. The sale of scarves, handbags, fashion accessories made by the artisans we are able to minister to directly supports Mission Thailand.

Art has ministered to local Thai through giving English classes.  We have had the opportunity to minister through English classes, sharing in the Bangkok Church and working o­n research of potential Livelihood Projects.  Art and Pat have shared that o­ne of the greatest needs is the support of the local churches. 

Their work has grown to include Zion Land, a church camp in Suphan Buri, organized churches in Chiangmai and Bangkok, and several church planting projects in Chiang Rai, Chaiyapum and areas of Bangkok — reaching two distinct areas of Thailand and four people groups. The two Bangkok churches, located only a kilometer apart, are planning a joint church planting effort in a large subsidized housing complex about a mile from both.

The churches in Thailand are actively engaged in holistic ministries – reaching out to the lost with the hope of Jesus and endeavoring to meet the needs of the poor as well. A variety of means are used: teaching English as a Second Language, friendship evangelism, planting churches and standing strong in the midst of opposition. Zion Land’s Jasmine Project, a ministry to unwed mothers, was launched in 2010. The project provides a safe place for women to give birth and to be prepared for reentry into society.

Every product represents a changed life!