Women of Worth

Heavenly Treasures partners with WOW Uganda through the sale of handicrafts. These women have been greatly affected, displaced and some disabled by war. Sarah Adams is a missionary who has built the WOW (Women of Worth) ministry in Kampala Uganda. After 5 years of ministry in Kampala, she and her husband David, were able to give the ministry back to the women! Talk about Changed Lives!!

Read Sarah's most recent Update:

"Within WOW changes have been happening over the past year, much like the maturing process in a child, so this as this “mama” can let go. WOW is taking off in a direction and identity all its own. There will still be WOW, the women’s ministry of Hope For New Life Foursquare Church (formerly called Kampala Foursquare Church) but to distinguish the roles of ministry and business, the handcrafters have formed a women’s cooperative  called Gifted Hands, a name the women chose themselves. “Gifted Hands”  beautifully captures who these women are, richly endowed both spiritually and skillfully to serve . . . as bread earners and caretakers in their homes and communities.

Women of Gifted Hands looking smart!

It is exciting to see the women not only being the crafters of  products but being crafters of their own business! From the moment of choosing their own name, Gifted Hands have been defining their mission, setting their goals, finding their markets, setting their own prices, emailing correspondence, keeping accounts, doing banking, even pursuing developing a website! My functions are taken! For that I am so grateful.

I have read an email from a woman I haven’t heard from in 5 years. Furaha was a Congolese refugee with WOW 7 years ago before returning to Congo. She writes that her husband is now pastoring a church in Kinshasa and that she started a WOW group first in the eastern Congo town of Bukavu and now in Kinshasa with a total of about 500 women interested or involved!  This news gives me such joy! “Furaha” is the swahili word for “joy”." - Sarah Adams

WOW Artisan story....Mama Abraham is from Uganda; she is a mother of six; two of her own and 4 of her brothers children.  This woman is an amazing woman of God. She was blown up in a landmine during a family funeral; lost her eye and a full term baby; doctors would not operate on her as they felt she was already gone.  God had another plan for her.. she slowly recovered with some lingering problems, a Christian Doctor told her that this is her cross to bear as there is not any solution for removing a shard from her brain.  Mama Abraham joined  WOW and her life has changed from near death to a thriving life in Christ.  She has taken the proceeds from the sale of her handicrafts and saves her money.  She did not raise the standard of living for herself and children, she purchased two acres of land with a vision for a church and Bible college.  She organized a crusade and seminar for pastors and others on her land, with no building, and fed them lunch with the little that she had.  255 people came to Christ in 3 days and 84 were baptized,  8 were pastors.. her life has changed and she is becoming a change agent in the camp for displaced persons.. her life is leading others to becoming Heavenly Treasures!  People knowing Jesus and receiving eternal life!  

The sale of WOW handicrafts has changed the lives of hundreds of people.  

Your participation in purchasing handicrafts has healed Mama Abraham, emotionally, physically, spiritually and most of all giving her God’s plan, multiplying even the smallest investment in her life. 

Every Product Represents a Changed Life!!