How to schedule an event/types of events

We need your help to make a difference!  Heavenly Treasures invites you to sponsor an event at your church, women’s event, community event, or at our storefront in  Glendora.  By sponsoring an event you will be supporting people living in poverty by purchasing their handmade products.  100% of sale proceeds go directly back to the project participants.  It’s easy and enjoyable to put together an event, just follow these steps...

1. THINK  BIG | Think of ways you can incorporate your church body, family, women’s groups / events, clubs, etc.  and how you can best partner with us.  Find or create opportunities to share these crafts and the lives they represent to your group.

2. CONTACT  US | Inform us of your intended event date and location a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.  E-mail us at  or call 626.963.7717 and we will send you an event request form and get you on our calendar.

3. INVITE OTHERS | Once you have chosen to host an event make sure your group knows about the event!  We can provide you with informational flyers and bulletin inserts.  We also have a promotional dvd, most recent newsletter, and HT brochures to share with your friends, family, church members, etc. to share the vision and mission of the ministry. They can also visit our website:


“SWAM” (SHOP WITH A MISSION) Bring a minimum of 10 people to an in-store event.  We share about the ministry to your group, provide food, and you shop! It’s fun!!


Invite us to your event at church, home, or else where.  We come to your event, set up our displays and sell to your group;  Hopefully you will allow an HT representative to come and share, as well as answer any and all questions.  Another option is, we ship products to you, you set up, sell, and do it all on your own!

5.  WRAP  UP | After the event we pack up and clear out.  Or if you hosted and ran the event yourself, pack up the products, ship them back to us (all at our cost), return the funds raised, and the price tags collected.

6. FOLLOW  UP | With each of the different events we will contact you through a letter informing you of the funds your group raised on behalf of our projects.