May 2013

Heavenly Treasures is about People, not Products! Somehow many people think Heavenly Treasures is only about selling handicrafts. One of the joys of serving God in this ministry is to look back on what He has done; seeing lives change, hearing stories of people who have given their hearts to Christ and those who are still in the process! Here are some stories:

This is Samorn, one of our talented jewelry makers in Chaing Mai, Thailand. Christina is sharing about the Bible and Jesus Christ. Samorn’s business has grown just from her own creativity. Since meeting Christina 7 years ago, she has now trained and employs 30+ artisans! She once had a small stall in the night market; now, a large shop in a busy area. God has been speaking to her heart over the past two years. She currently has a refugee girl working for her who is a Burmese Christian! We have all been praying for Samorn!  We believe she is now on a path to know and love our Lord Jesus Christ!

Nai is one of our Plant Thailand artisan coordinators. He has asked us about the difference between Christianity and Buddhism. What a joy it was to give him The Message version of the Bible! He said he tried reading the King James Version before and couldn’t understand it. I am praying each day he will read the Bible and God will speak to his heart! He is very influential in his community.

In Kenya, Kigen has started discipling 4 of our artisans, developing devotions and life lessons to help them know Jesus in a more personal way.

We work with missionaries in Central Asia in areas restricted from Christianity. They started a project that makes silk embroidered ornaments. This “work” project has allowed many to hear about Jesus Christ!

Working with Christian artisans has had a transforming affect on entire villages.  A single project that was started 6 years ago with 2 people has grown to over 100 artisans and brought Christ to an entire slum community! This is only by the power of God! John and Milton’s testimonies have been shared through our video!

I hope it is a joy to know your purchases and donations are helping entire villages come to know Christ! That is why we say “Shop With A Mission!”


Every Product Represents A Changed Life!