December 2008
    Project highlight:  Dorcas Design

ddbannerThe Dorcas Design sewing project from Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China is truly a group of Heavenly Treasures! Dorcas Design was formed by leprosy affected women who have been beaten down and shunned their entire lives. Their hearts to help others was formed from receiving their own assistance years ago. With the help of the leadership of Dorcas Design, women who were once afraid to look at us in the eyes are now reaching out to others who have lost their hope and have no self worth.

Kathy and Christina Gaulton were able to go in March to visit to Ruth Winslow (DD founder) and the Dorcas Design women.
That's a lot of brocade!
Elly, Ruth, Christina and Season at the fabric market

They took two of the women, Season and Elly, to the fabric market to help create new 2011 collections and treating all the women to dinner in a restaurant - a common place activity for most of us in the US but the first time going out to eat for some of these women!

Over the years about 60 people have found self sufficiency and been re-introduced into society, some even getting married and moving on!

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Your purchase of Dorcas Design products helps these women earn a livelihood for their families through their sewing and quilting skills.  From panda aprons, trendy handbags and quilted bags to beautiful brocade bible bags, pouches and the like, these women are truly talented!

D - Dorcas Designs provides
O - Opportunities
R - Regain Confidence
C - Change Lifestyle
A - Access to return to society
S - Strengthen Skill Development

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Lily's Story...

fang fangLily is an orphan who became physically disabled at a young age.  After her mother died during childbirth, raising a daugther was too much for her father to handle.  After a horrible incident that caused her to be disfigured, he took her to the steps of a mental institution and she was taken in by the caretaker of the hospital.  She was raised there and lived a very hard life. She was only capable of crawling on all fours.

When she was discovered by a local missionary at age 13, they helped her receive surgeries to repair her burned and deformed legs. She was then able to stand upright for the first time in her life.

At 17, she was taken in by Dorcas Design as a quilt maker and now has a thriving life. Always smiling, Lily has learned about the Lord and loves him in a passionate way! She recently got married to a wonderful man who loves her so much and doesn't care about her physical disabilities.

 Mary's Story...
guilanMary is 48 years old. She is the newest member of the Dorcas Design project. A rice farmer's wife, with 2 children, ages 21 and 22, she has lived away from her family for the past 5 years in a leprosy village. She only had 5 years of elementary school education and grew up in a poor family. Leprosy (Hansens Disease) affected her father and eventually he was cured. Unfortunately, being exposed to the disease for an extended period, Mary contracted the dreaded disease and her case was much worse than her father's. Symptoms included a bleeding nose and pain in her hands and feet. Eventually her nose collapsed and she had problems with her feet. There is great stigma at home, and she became bitter on the inside even though it didn't show on the outside. People stopped talking to her and would turn away.

Mary became a Christian when she went to the Leprosy Village. She met a woman there who shared with her an incredible story of how she had been pregnant with conjoined twins but Jesus came to her and told her that the babies were not her own but belonged to God. They were eventually still born but she had comfort in knowing that the babies were with God. She shared this story with Mary and through their relationship, she came to believe in Jesus.  She loves Him with her whole heart and is happy now. She has tried to share Jesus with her family but they oppose her beliefs. Her husband won't stop her from believing but he won't convert. Relatives say that they believe in another god and it's not in their family to believe in Jesus.

A man named Mr. Dong visited the village about a year ago and told Mary about Dorcas Design. By this time, she had been cured of leprosy but she had been caring for an older lady there and was committed to her even though she was not her relative. The woman passed away in January so Mary left the village and came this past March to Dorcas Design.

Please pray for Mary as she begins her journey and for Lily at Dorcas Design!

Every Product Represents a Changed Life.