Ministry Network

Mission organizations, churches and ministry affiliates have networked together with Heavenly Treasures to bring hope to developing nations, focusing on bringing economic and spiritual health to the poor and the oppressed. The HT Network is growing every day, working together with the same vision and mission.

Individually, you can help us by being a Heavenly Treasures Networker:

1.  Expand the HT Network by sponsoring a fundraising event at your church or organization. We send you the product at no charge; we pay for the shipping to you and also for the remaining product back to us. You provide tables, publicize your date and do the fundraising. We send you a short video, newsletters and brochures to distribute with the products. We can also provide bulletin insert artwork for your event. After you are finished, just send back the remaining product with the ticket stubs from the items sold, these stubs will show us who will be credited with the sales (this is very important). You can do this anytime, just let us know at least two weeks before your event! You are a blessing to many that benefit from the proceeds of the funds raised!

2.  BE a HT networker by purchasing products from our Livelihood Projects! All personal purchases are a blessing to each project that the product represents. We also are interested in networking our projects with businesses that want to purchase their product for resale. You can contact us at for all inquiries.

3.  BE a HT networker by hosting a Livelihood Project Party at your home!  Invite at least 20 of your friends and family and we will provide product and materials needed. This is a great way to reach out to your friends and family and helping the poor at the same time!

4.  BE a HT networker by organizing an outing to our storefront, Heavenly Treasures, in Glendora. Invite 10 of your friends to our store and we will provide either a continental breakfast, featuring our Ethiopian coffee or have tea and a few goodies in the afternoon or evening. We will be happy to share about the projects and the people! 

Network with others, choose to help change lives!!!