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Changing Lives in Ethiopia...
...Changing Hearts in Menlo Park

God has called Menlo Park Presbyterian to become involved with Ethiopia. Politically and spiritually strategic in many ways, Ethiopia is in the midst of a significant church revival and outreach into the Middle East. At the same time, the country faces the AIDS epidemic and devastating poverty. In response, a concentration of indigenous Ethiopian ministries is at work in this country. MPPC is actively partnering with these groups. God's Spirit is moving an increasing number of us to support them and is transforming our hearts in the process.

Taken from Ethiopia Initiative, written by John Ortberg

Ethiopia Initiative Partner

.....Helping the extremely poor
MPPC's partnership with Heavenly Treasures Livelihood Projects has enabled Ethiopian craftswomen to better support themselves and their families by providing access to US markets for their products.

You can participate by Choosing to Change Lives:

Christmas With a Mission
Gift Fair at MPPC
November 22 - 23, 2014


Ethiopia Initiative Projects :

Abro Adeg Ceramic
Berkie's Blessings
Desta Menda Fistula Center
Hope Crosses
Ellita Women
Gemini Baskets
Sabahar Silks
Women For Women - Trampled Rose